We are a law firm with more than ten years of experience in providing support to local companies, public entities and international corporations.

With our continuously expanding area of competence, our customers are able to rely on comprehensive assistance, also on issues that require a broader perspective and combined expertise of different areas of law.

Our team, composed of nearly thirty people, are currently involved in supporting more than four hundred cases on behalf of our customers from all over the world.

The main areas of our practice are:

Corporate law

We advise on company structuring processes, as well as project finance / corporate finance. We handle transactions on public and private markets.

Medical and pharmaceutical law

We advise on starting and transforming manufacturing activities in the medical sector, marketing and trading of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as medical refund lists. We also manage the risks associated with the consequences of using pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Investment processes/Real estate

We provide assistance at every stage of the investment process: from the selection of the proper location (review of legal conditions – due diligence), support to substitute investors, to production start-up. We also advise on the possible use of FIDIC procedures, as well as the licensing of specialised production and certification of investments, e.g. for the purposes of marketing of classified information.

Tax law

We support our customers in conducting tax and social security proceedings. We structure businesses in order to optimise their taxation treatment. We advise on the establishment, transformation and closure of complex international structures.

Securities law

We are engaged in supporting IPO and pre-IPO processes, both on the WSE (Warsaw Securities Exchange) main market and the NewConnect market. We advise on the incorporation of public companies and provide assistance with different transactions. We use our expertise in the process of supervising corporate governance and monitoring the application of the Code of Good Practice.

We have advised corporate clients from various industries for many years. We have already closed more than 2,000 cases, including, among others, those related to:


Real estate

  • advice on incorporation of developer companies
  • sale of commercial real estate
  • comprehensive legal services for office and warehouse properties
  • support of the investment process related to commercial real estate


  • consultancy on the implementation of new investments for the Warsaw Municipal Road Administration Authority
  • consultancy on the extension of the GSM network by one of the leading mobile operators
  • consultancy on international interconnection, leased line and related agreements
  • drafting a bill of the Act: Telecommunications Law 

Power sector

  • legal analysis (due diligence) of wind farms
  • advising on the purchase of one of the largest investment projects in the field of energy and renewable energy
  • consultations on the draft Act on Renewable Energy Sources 

In our law firm, we actively adhere to the principle of confidentiality, including the list of our customers and the projects on which we have provided our advice. However, with our extensive long-term professional experience, we are able to identify the leading areas of our practice. These include, among others, advice on:

  • sale, merger, division/demerger and any transformation of all types of commercial companies; including issues related to management accountability, registration procedures and restructuring of groups of companies
  • international trade, including transport and forwarding, licensing and granting authorisations/permits, transport limits, as well as customs and tax law related to export and import
  • production and marketing of excise goods; licensing procedures
  • introduction and expansion of franchise networks in the food industry, including tax structuring;
  • introduction into Poland, construction and commissioning of production establishments: medical, food and construction plants
  • support of Polish branches of foreign entrepreneurs
  • bankruptcy and liquidation of businesses, including composition proceedings
  • due diligence, e.g. of privatised companies, as well as other investment projects implemented in the country
  • public procurement, including support of nationwide projects; in the medical, construction and IT sectors
  • stock exchange debuts (WSE/NewConnect) and ongoing support of market participants
  • information (disclosure) obligations of public companies, corporate governance
  • IT sector; preparation of draft legal regulations related to IT systems
  • film production; team building, financing and distribution
  • competitions, games of chance and betting; development of business model structures, preparation of game and competition regulations, registration procedure of undertakings
  • environmental protection within the investment process; waste processing, post-industrial land development and landscape protection
  • energy law; energy trading and other aspects of the investment process
  • investment and construction processes; financing, acquisition of projects, development process support, apartment sales
  • project finance – financing structure of investments in the following sectors: real estate, manufacturing and services
  • tax optimisation and structuring
  • sports law; advice on the establishment of sports clubs, legal services provided to sports associations, preparation and verification of sponsorship and management contracts, sports marketing