In order to provide our customers with a wide range of comprehensive solutions, we have created a team of nearly 30 lawyers, specialising in various fields of law.

Although our main area of competence is to support complex corporate transactions, we offer consultancy in a much broader scope.

We provide support in the process of establishment of companies, transactions, complex litigation, arbitration and administrative proceedings, investment projects, and implementation of restructuring programmes and tax structures.

We have a record of over 2,000 closed cases and we’re currently supporting over four hundred clients. Our areas of interest include, among others, project financing, press law, public procurement as well as the law of new technologies (including both IT and telecommunications law). We also have experience in the area of medical law, contracting and debt collection, capital markets, banking and environmental law, and economic offenses.

With our long-term experience in implementing complex commercial projects, we are able to advise on both international acquisitions and restructuring of small production plants. Thanks to the extensive skills and abilities of our team members, we are able to develop fast and efficient solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers.

We advise our customers in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish.