For our client in the healthcare industry, a non-public care facility, we had to win the EU funding in front of the Administrative Court. The case was won twice, in front of Voivodship and im front of the Supreme Administrative Court.

This is the success of the team lead by Natalia Sobolewska, who correctly noted the lack of precision in the selection criteria for projects imposed by the funding party. Such lack of precision is not acceptable in any competition documentation when it leads to projects discrimination.

We won an important dispute concerning ungrounded fees related to goods sales. Entities holding key role in particular markets are forced, as a result of the cases ran by us, to alter their practice violating fair competition rules.
"We hold extraordinary experience in identifying burdens imposed by the major clients on the suppliers, which are effectively dependent on them, and which are not economically grounded. These may be eliminated unfortunately only thanks to a well-grounded claim, executed with due consequence in front of the court" - confirms advocate Grzegorz Kaca.

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